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Site Planning

Site planning covers a broad spectrum of civil engineering services related to land development. At Marquise & Morano, we typically start with a site evaluation to identify the environmental factors that will affect the clients objectives. Working with our clients, we develop site plans that integrates the building layout, driveway and parking design, accessible routing, final grading, stormwater management, and site utilities into a comprehensive tool that can be used for permit acquisition, cost analyses and construction. Marquise & Morano, LLC incorporates Low Impact Development (LID) methodology into all of its site plans to insure the least environmental and neighborhood impact possible.

Our guiding principle in stormwater management is to keep rainfall as close as possible to where it falls in an approach commonly referred to as low impact development ("LID"). By reducing the amount of impervious surface, slowing the water down and allowing it to infiltrate into the soils, stormwater runoff from the site can be drastically reduced and in many cases, eliminated.